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Beautiful Lac Jewelry, Handicrafts & Decoratives from Rs 89 [U$D 3]
 Statues  &  Sculptures

 Antiques and Collectibles
Rare Coins of Imperialist British India & Medival/Moughal India (6-17 century) from U$D 2 !

Set of Rare Error Postal  Stamps of Imperialist British India from U$D 1 !

 Jewelry and ornaments

H28 Flexible free size Cloth Necklace, Bangles & Earingss. Rs 470

Rs. 1660/U$D 33.2

Rs. 1990/U$D 39.8

Lakh Necklace & Earrings

 Greeting Cards



If you buy any Art or craft work  from us you are directly serving a poor &
unknown but talented  Artist who really deserves & needs the money you pay.

Most of our paintings are a creation of Highly talented but yet Unknown & Poor Artists who make these beautiful & marvelous Art works only to live a meager life in spite of their great and really appreciable talent, diligence & creativity which clearly appears in all of their paintings. They are in sharp contrast with all those  rich & well known Artists who get very heavy prices for their un-understandable art works than they usually deserve just because of the media hype cleverly achieved by them by any means. I have seen many so called "modern art works" which cannot be called Art by any means being sold for thousands and even millions of dollars. Many of these modern arts are just like colors spilled on a canvas by a child. Most of these poor Artists are found in Developing and underdeveloped Nations and are generally exploited by large Art-gallery owners, Big Exporters and other local buyers who pay them only a very small fragment of what they should really get. But we are NOT one of such Art Gallery who exploits these poor & unknown but truly talented & diligent Artists. Instead we are a Art Development & Selling Organization which pays a major part of our income which occurs by the sale of beautiful original Art works to the Artist who really deserve it.  Not only we pay our Artists what they really deserve , we also provide them a platform to sale & advertise their Art in National and International markets. We also provide them with necessary resources which they need to create a marvelous piece of Art.
Generally we pay 50-70% of the net income which we get by the sale of any Art-work to its creator which is the highest I have seen anywhere around. And the rest we re-invest in developing our infrastructure so that we can serve more poor & unknown talented Artists.

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